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Our strawberry season starts mid October and goes to April/May.


We start between 5:00am—7:30am and pick until lunch time with
a small break in between.


Our supervisor tells you where and what to pick, monitors the
quality in your trays and your picking rows and will assist you to
work in a save environment efficiently.


After lunch everybody comes in the shed and we pack all of the
fruit picked until around 16:30, with a small break in between.


In both picking and packing we expect you to work with care and
consideration, listen to what is required from you and aim for top


The starting time in the morning can vary according to workload
and weather, the hotter the summer gets, the earlier we start.


Strawberry picking and packing is paid on a contract system,
the rate varies depending on fruit volume and quality throughout
the season. In general the rate is designed to enable an
experienced average worker to earn $20/h.
Other jobs in the shed are paid per hour.


We would like you to commit yourself to at least 4 weeks, we will
train you, but it takes time to get over the first back pains, to
develop the necessary skills and build up speed. The longer you
stay the better for you and us.